How to Invite Jews to Islam

Salam, Shalom, Peace

Dear brothers and sisters, Jews and Muslims, thank you for watching the video on how to invite Jews to Islam. We welcome the followers of Judaism around the world to accept Jesus as the Messiah

And Muhammad as a Prophet, both equal to all our Prophets including Abraham and Moses, we welcome you with equality and peace.

Would you like peace in the Middle East and around the world?

Would you like to not worry about your country being attacked for weapons you don’t have?

Would you like to not worry about unmanned drones dropping rockets on you?

Would you like to not worry about your country shrinking?

Would you like the freedom to Travel to Holy sites?

And all of us worshipping the God of Abraham together?

There are 3 Simple Steps to inviting Jews to Islam:

Step 1:

Only fear Allah (Eloah in Hebrew)

Many Muslims fear inviting Jews to Islam for a few reasons:
For example: Fear of the intimidating Rabbi or Jew who may be more fluent than you

Allahu Agbar, God is Greater than anything in the Universe. Their knowledge is not greater than the knowledge of Allah and we have the gift of the Quran to help you and them with the guidance.

Rabbis and all Jews were born Muslim, bowing to our Creator, you are simply trying to help an original Muslim revert to Islam, return to the path of our Creator.

The Rabbis and Jews fear you more than you fear them, we are trying to help them to only fear Allah and enjoy a peaceful life with nearly 2 billion brothers and sisters in Islam, helping Jews transition to tranquility of the soul.

Another reason Muslims shun Inviting Jews is Fear of rejection
Muslims have an impression that a Jew is like a tank when it comes to conversion.

This is not true, hundreds of thousands of Jews have been leaving Judaism. The missionary group “Jews for Jesus” claims to have converted 300,000 Jews from Monotheism to Trinity.

Jews are seeking Truth, we have the truest words on earth so share the gift that Allah shared with us, the Holy Quran.

Many Prophets could not convert all Jews, but the point is that they were all brave enough to risk death trying to convert just a few and we are to aspire to be like our Prophets..

Another deterrent is Fear of retaliation
Inviting Jews to Islam is a peaceful and friendly process done with the intention of helping and for the love of humanity and our Creator. There are etiquettes for inviting Jews to Islam, since we are not Moses where we can walk into their homes with a Holy Staff, then instead we can be in their homes or synagogues or public officials’ offices with the internet.

There are millions of Jews online and you can reach over a hundred per day without retaliation as long as you keep your message focused on peace and love and unity.

You can gain blessings for inviting Jews to Islam, according to Prophet Muhammad, the reward for helping a Jew convert to Islam is 20 times greater than other non-Muslims. Time on this earth is brief compared to the afterlife, so if you balance your time right, and spend less than an hour per day, you can help hundreds of Jews become Muslims.
We are Commanded over seventeen times in the Holy Quran specifically to invite Jews and Christians to the path of God. Prophet Muhammad himself converted many Jews to Islam

Therefore, eliminate the fear in dialoging with Jews because pessimism and lack of confidence towards inviting Jews to Islam has resulted in the Middle East becoming a concentration and death camp for Muslims.

The Jews who are afraid (due to ignorance) of Islam are knocking down Muslim homes

Forcing Muslim women and children to stand for hours at check points and arresting hundreds of Muslims for years.

The time it will take to rebuild one of those demolished homes or sit in captivity, locked in a Israeli prison is a massive amount of time.

If we don’t give Jews our time teaching them Islam, they will take much more of our time, and our lives, they do have advanced weaponry and nuclear warheads. So Be A Brave Muslim and invite Jews to Islam.

Step 2 is Control your emotions
Muslims have a few emotions that obstruct open and helpful dialog with Jews:
The emotion of anger
Anger is what has caused the nearly 2 billion Muslims to turn their backs on sharing the truth of Islam with the 20 million Jews.

Being angry at Jews is Mathematically Wrong!
Who is a better a better freedom fighter? Osama Bin Laden or one who invites Jews to Islam?

Let us Compare;
From the nearly 3,000 Americans killed by Osama’s team on 9/11, America responded by killing over 200,000 Muslims in Iraq and over 50,000 Muslims killed in Afghanistan. That’s nearly a quarter of a million Muslims killed as an effect of killing 3,000 Americans.
Similarly, if 10 Jews are killed in Israel, the Jews respond by killing nearly 1,000 Muslims.
The 9/11 attack took years to plan and train for, what would the result be if those same years and focus was used to invite Jews to Islam instead of Terrorism? It took me about 5 years to help nearly 5,000 Christians and Jews to Islam using the internet.
That’s helping 1,000 converts to Islam per year from one Muslim making an effort to explain Islam to non-Muslims.
What if each of the 19 airplane hijackers spent a year communicating with Jews to teach Islam instead of training to crash airplanes? That would’ve given birth to 19,000 new Muslims.

The hijackers were in their 20’s, if they each got to live the rest of their lives instead of committing self-murder, and spent a decade of the remainder of their lives devoted to inviting Jews to Islam, then they would’ve given birth to a combined Quarter of Million new Muslims instead of spurring the death of nearly 250,000 Muslims.

So mathematically, a Muslim can help give birth to thousands of Muslims whereas a terrorist can incur death to thousands of Muslims.  Therefore if we do nothing, Muslims die, if we’re terrorists, Muslims die, the only option is to use the Pen that is Mightier than the Sword.
So control your emotions because the only way to conquer hate is with Love.
The other emotion to control is patience, usually religious dialog with Jews is peaceful, but there are a hand full of non-Muslims who try to incite temper, you must understand that this is based on their mis-understandings, and when you clarify that the Quran is more than 100 times more loving than the Bible, you help them have more peace in their hearts that will in turn help Muslims have more peace.

Step 3
Communicate with respect and optimism
The Quran says: “And there are, certainly, among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), those who believe in Allah, and that which has been revealed to you and in that which has been revealed to them, humbling themselves before Allah: They will not sell the Revelations of Allah for a miserable gain! For them is a reward with their Lord, and Allah is swift in account.” {Holy Quran 3:199}
Some verses in the Quran tell us that a “few” of the Jews will convert to Islam, therefore, from every 10 Jews, a few would mean 3 would convert to Islam, so from 20 Million Jews, 6 Million can convert to Islam. 6 million Jews is usually synonymous with the holocaust, so we can be the opposite of Adolph Hitler

We can start the Islamocaust to bring 6 million Jews blessings and love from Islam.
There are probably 6 million Jews online at this second, they are on facebook, twitter, chat rooms, forums, etc. There are women Jewish groups, Rabbi discussion groups, Orthodox Jews, Messianic Jews, etc..
They are very easy to find, you don’t need to travel to Israel or go through security checks, you can freely dialog with them Today!
What can you say to Jews? Start with Love, Ask if they knew that there is 100 times more love in the Quran than the Torah (Jewish Bible)
Text you can freely copy and paste for inviting Jews to Islam is at and our new site
Where you can watch and share videos of Jewish Converts to Islam, get news, and more informational videos.
Thank you for watching, please share with others so we can start the Islamocaust today! Peace

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