How China avoids terrorism

China is nearly 12,000 miles closer to so called terrorist states than America. China is surrounded by Afghanistan and Pakistan, the supposed home of Al Qaida. Why aren’t the non-Muslim “infidel” Chinese being targeted as the Americans are? President Bush told us after 9/11 that America is attacked because we are the world super power, our freedom is despised, and because Muslims are anti-democracy.

As a Muslim freedom fighter, I can testify these Bush reasons are dishonest. First, China has been the world super power for many years with America owing China over 1 trillion dollars. Second, Amsterdam has open public prostitute brothels and drug usage, making America look like Saudi Arabia in regards to freedom. Third, Muslims would love democracy; we don’t want the dictators that are mimics of the British monarchy forced in by Western colonizers and still supported by the EU and America to continue their tyrannical regimes.

Why has there been no mass terror attack against Amsterdam’s (freedom) debauchery? Why hasn’t the world super power China received any airplanes or bombs going into their thousands of buildings? In fact, radical terrorists would rather attack atheists or idolaters before attacking fellow monotheist Jews and Christians. With the predominant religion of China being Buddhism, a religion seen as idolatrous by Muslims who believe in Biblical monotheism, then why attack Jews and Christians rather than idolaters? There is a one word honest answer; Apartheid.

The most famous apartheid in history was South Africa, where blacks were treated by white South Africans as American blacks prior to civil rights in 1955. South African apartheid was supported and armed by America and Israel, finally ending in 1994. Today the most famous state of apartheid is Israel, which is still funded with over 2 billion dollars of American tax payer money per year and armed by America. Muslims are treated worse than second class citizens, many times not even allowed to worship in their own holy masjids.

For over a thousand years, Muslims have protected Jews and synagogues from crusaders and Nazis. Until less than 100 years ago in 1948, post WWII when Palestine was annexed as the new home of the post-traumatic stress disorder radicalized Jews who survived the Holocaust. Muslims were forced from their homes in Palestine and still are to this day, over 60 years of Israel breaking international laws to fulfill a Zionist scheme to spread Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. Muslims see Israel as America sees ISIS in slow motion.

If Israel is ISIS to Muslims, what lessons would Muslims learn from America as to how to respond to Israel and those who support Israel? Muslims have tried to settle the disputes peacefully by sponsoring over 40 resolutions in the United Nations to sanction Israel for the atrocities against civilians. The entire world supported the sanctions except for one country with veto power, using the veto in over 40 mass murder cases to stop justice against Israel, was that country China? Nope, that country has been America, the same way it stood by Israel to support and arm apartheid in South Africa.

China who also has veto power in the UN, never used it to side with Israel’s war crimes. Instead, China stayed neutral, thus, there are no terror attacks in China because China is not seen by the nearly 2 Billion Muslims as guilty by association to the ISIS like Israeli terrorism. The Zionists have likeminded neo-conservatives in the American government and Rupert Murdoch owning Fox News to twist American’s public view point to believe false speeches like those given by President Bush.

We have the biggest entity in the world that disproves the Bush speech, and the US media slant, China. If America wants to lower the terror threat, to feel more secure on streets and malls and not to spend billions in tax payer dollars on securing everything everywhere in the US and American tourists and interests abroad, learn from the true world super power, China. I love the Chinese people, yes they think I’m going to steal something when I visit their shops in downtown NYC, but in general I have been treated with nothing but tenderness and respect by the Chinese. Chinese don’t have a ‘white supremacist’ mentality, even though they are whiter than Americans.

Israel is plentiful enough to be independent with a technically advanced economy better than many countries it’s size. Without the presumed American bully by it’s side, maybe then Israel will give serious consideration to the UN ordered 1967 border peace agreement.  This is guaranteed to give a huge boost to peace in the Middle East, end the Muslim boycott of Israeli products and may even turn America to being friends with Muslims. Zionists are a minority, similar to the minority extremists in Islam, does anyone want them happy? Why throw the world into turmoil because of minority extremists when the majority pacifists can obey the laws and have a peaceful life.

By Mohamed Ghounem, founder of Jews for Allah and author of “How the Quran corrects the Bible: 200+ Ways Islam Unites Jews and Christians”

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