How Israel differs from ISIS

     More Muslims are making the comparison between Israel and ISIS, claiming the two states are the same. Muslims cite several parallels in an attempt to prove their point. First, on how both Israel and ISIS proclaim to be a ‘religious’ state with Israel commonly known as the “Jewish State” and ISIS claiming to be the “Islamic State”. Both war traumatized and radicalized by years of fighting from Hitler Germany to Bashar Syria, creating their own religious state by any means necessary for solace.

The second likeness Muslims declare is the identical tactic ISIS and Israel use for mass eviction of civilians from territories. Israel uses indiscriminate deadly force to expel anyone based on their religion of not being a Jew. Like ISIS, Israel has captured hundreds of miles of territory seen illegally by the United Nations, to fulfill a religious text claiming the rightful Jewish State is from the Nile to the Euphrates. Lands owned by non-Jews for over 1,000 years have been captured and occupied by radical Jews using threat of death and terrorism. So stealing land for a religion is an oxymoron that both ISIS and Israel share.

The third matching characteristic between ISIS and Israel that a growing number of Muslims are broadcasting is apartheid. Both states practice segregation and discrimination to the extremes, where Israel has 50 state laws and bills that, according to the Palestinian-Israeli human rights organization Adalah, either privilege Jews or directly discriminate against the non-Jews.

How then does Israel differ from ISIS? In just as many ways as they are equal according to Muslims. For example, Israel is given 2 billion dollars a year from American tax payer’s money because of lobbying groups such as AIPAC, Republican Jewish Coalition, Chabad, and many more circulate contributions to American elected officials that in turn pass laws to circulate even more money back to Israel from the unknowing American tax payers.

The second way that Israel is different from ISIS is that when Jews burn holy sites such as masjids and churches in Israel, they are labeled as “radical terrorists” rather than “Judaic Terrorists” in contrast to likeminded radicals being commonly called “Islamic terrorists” thus the American media demonizes one religion while sheltering the other in cases of identical barbarism, thus not honoring the reporters’ creed of neutrality.

Hundreds of incidences, both in America and Israel, the religious identity of the criminals are not reported, unless the accused is a Muslim, such as the case of the Newtown CT School mass shooting, was not called a “Catholic terrorist” even though he avidly attended Catholic school. Speaking of minors, the board member of the American Jewish Congress and director of counter terrorism for the US State department Daniel Rosen was just arrested on charges for soliciting sex from a minor yet his Jewish faith was not mentioned or demonized in any of the main media outlets. Child abuse is an epidemic in Judaism because Jews are taught you can marry a child as young as 3 years old, which gives American Jews and Israeli Jews the presumption you can abuse girls that young.

The third manner that Israel is different than ISIS is possession of nuclear weapons. The Middle East, in which Israel is in the center of, is by international law, zoned to be a nuclear free zone. Yet, Israel is the only country in the Middle East with Nuclear weapons, spurring all the neighboring Muslim countries to also take steps to have nuclear weapons to have an equal deterrent to Israel. Israel often portrays itself as the Holocaust surviving victim but in fact it’s the scariest terrorist state in the Middle East.

In conclusion, as ISIS is generating fear and hostility from the West, so too is Israel generating reactions from the Middle East because Muslims do see Israel as ISIS. If more Americans saw Israel as ISIS too, then the $2 billion dollars a year in funding to Israel by hard working American tax payers can be vetoed and Israel can observe the UN 1967 border law so that groups like Israel and ISIS learn that war is not the answer, only love and peace can conquer hate.

Right now, ISIS is learning from Israel that land can be stolen and holy sites can be desecrated because Judaic terrorists do it and are rewarded with gifts from the American government. Since Israel has weapons of mass destruction, then this simply motivates others in the Middle East to have them too. “If you love Israel, then you love ISIS” the young Muslims believe from the West, but if the West is fighting ISIS and not Israel, then Muslims see this as racism and prejudice which enrages them even more.

By Mohamed Ghounem, founder of Jews for Allah and author of “How the Quran Corrects the Bible: 200+ Ways Islam Unites Jews and Christians”

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